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The Afterburners

Battle-Tested Techniques for Top Team Performance and Business Success

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The Afterburners is a team of elite military professionals who are experts in helping groups achieve Flawless Execution. The Flawless Execution Model is a proven process used by highly-trained, highly-skilled military teams around the world to execute missions when the stakes are high and failure is not an option.


Afterburner is a group of former elite military professionals turned business consultants and speakers that relate their experiences and stories to your business challenges.

Our dynamic, high-energy programs will inspire your audience to immediately apply what they’ve learned into their daily work lives – so they can break down silos, drive accountability and accelerate team performance in the midst of changing environments and task saturation.

With 23 years’ experience in business coaching and consulting with Fortune 500 businesses and global organizations, Afterburner engagements will let you in on the secrets used by elite military aviators, Navy SEALs, and Army Rangers to thrive and succeed in agile, high-stakes environments.

Speech Topics

Afterburner is a group of former elite military professionals turned business consultants and speakers that relate their experiences and stories to your business challenges. Our dynamic, high-energy keynote will inspire your audience to take action. After aligning the team to a common vision for success (through a series of briefing calls and questionnaire with the client leadership) , our speakers will introduce a simple and scalable framework to help teams combat the ever-growing complexity of business. The key word here is simple.  Afterburner will highlight no more than 3-4 practical approaches that can be customized and tied back to your overall key objectives.

In our highly collaborative workshop, we will help your team to use a disciplined framework to meet shared goals. Are there opportunities to improve within your organization while applying the tools you just learned from the Keynote? Afterburner will help each participant, through real-time feedback, define ways to make subtle yet impactful upgrades to their vertical within the organization. Collaboration with Flawless Execution leverages a powerful proprietary process called TeamStorming. This unique process enables teams to collaborate and tap into the best ideas and turn them into actionable plans — all while empowering and engaging those who carry out those plans with both accountability and autonomy. Your teams will walk away with new value added ideas to improve performance and specific courses of action to drive change immediately following the event.

Through our famous experiential-learning simulation, your team will learn a simple, scalable and continuous improvement process we call Flawless Execution℠ to inspire action and can be used to drive ROI when the team members return to work. Having a common goal rallies teams to move forward and our high-energy, engagement-rich training program provides the spark to ignite momentum. The training begins when you and your team are ordered to the main briefing room. You enter through a camo netting tunnel with parachutes hanging from the ceiling, music from Top Gun blaring, and visuals of fighter jets are displayed flying across a giant screen. Soon after, your team will break into “squadrons” of 15, quickly dispersing to breakout rooms. Here you will have the chance to use the skills you learned from the opening session focused on mission planning and execution. During this simulation, your team will work together to overcome big challenges – changing weather, spies, jets running out of fuel and more! Each team member is assigned a unique role requiring their involvement in effective communication, rapid decision-making, on-the-spot decision making and full-team collaboration, guaranteeing to keep each and every participant engaged! With Afterburner consultants engaging side-by-side with the participants, we present challenges that force participants to think outside the box, challenge cultural norms and empower each other in order to succeed. Participants learn by doing as we train them in the processes used by elite military teams, so they can overcome roadblocks to success faced daily.  Each participant will gain valuable facilitation instruction on leading and participating in “nameless + rankless” Debriefs for organizational sustainment. Namesless/Rankless Debriefs empower individuals to break down communication barriers, build trust, increase agility, and develop a culture of learning within the organization.


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