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Tom Koulopoulos

Expert on Innovation, The Cloud, Future Trends, Technology; Author, Cloud Surfing the Innovation Zone; President and Founder, The Delphi Group

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Tom Koulopoulos is acknowledged as one of the industry’s leading futurists. He is the author of fourteen books and founder of Delphi Group, a 30-year-old Boston-based think tank, which was named one of the fastest growing private companies in the US by Inc. Magazine.

Tom’s knowledge and experience comes from a deep understanding of both business and technology. He has built an Inc. 500 company and a global innovation lab for Dell, authored 14 books, founded the Babson College Center for Business Innovation, developed the first college-level course on cyber leadership, which he teaches at Boston University, and is currently an advisor to numerous AI companies, including a Boston-based unicorn that is revolutionizing cloud computing.

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Tom Koulopoulos is chairman of the Boston-based global innovation think tank Delphi Group, which was named one of the fastest growing private companies in the US by Inc. Magazine. Tom is also the author of eleven books, a columnist for Inc.com, an adjunct professor at Boston University Graduate School of Management, an Executive in Residence at Bentley University, the past Executive Director of the Babson College Center for Business Innovation, and past Executive Director of the Dell Innovation Lab.

Geoff James of CBS Interactive Media called Tom “one of the truly deep thinkers in the arena of technology and culture.” Forbes.com named Tom one of its Business Visionaries with “an incisive view of world trade…”

Mr. Koulopoulos’ eleven books include his most recent, Revealing the Invisible, The Gen Z Effect, and Cloud Surfing.

Tom Peters called his writing “a brilliant vision of where we must take our enterprises to survive and thrive.” And, according to the late Peter Drucker, Tom’s writing “makes you question not only the way you run your business but the way you run yourself.”

Speech Topics

While every new generation has faced its share of disruption in technology, economics, politics and society, no other generation in the history of mankind has had the ability to make sure that every human being (and every “thing” ) on the planet is connected to each other, fully educated, and economically engaged. What might this mean for the way in which we build our businesses, markets, and institutions for education in the future?

The Cloud is the hottest topic since the advent of the Internet. And nobody can speak to it with more insight, energy, and humor than Tom. It’s why HP, Microsoft, Gartner, Intel, Cisco and many others have asked Tom to keynote their organizations’ cloud events. Drawing on his book, Cloud Surfing, Tom paints a powerful picture of how The Cloud will change the way we live, work and play.

Come prepared for an enlightening and life-changing discussion about the importance of innovation and get ready to take a hard look at how issues of culture, generations, and leadership impact the way we innovate. Tom’s approach is insightful and cutting-edge, but be forewarned, at times unorthodox. It’s the reason Forbes.com called him a Business Visionary with an incisive view of world trade and why, in the words of his long time mentor Peter Drucker, “Tom makes you rethink not only your business but yourself.”

In this fast-paced keynote, Tom will show you how we constantly fail to take into account the simple nuances of behavior that ultimately act as the real catalysts for change. From the pyramids to the Cloud, he will take you on a journey of understanding that will ultimately enable you to break free of the limits we place on our view of how inevitable radical change is and how we can factor its implications into the growth of our business and our lives, for the better.