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Vicki Hitzges

Top Motivator, Honored TV news anchor, Acclaimed Author of ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING

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Vicki’s techniques come from her long career as a highly regarded motivational keynote speaker and broadcast journalist. She was the first woman and youngest person to hold the title of Dallas Bureau Chief at KTVT in Dallas, the largest independent TV station in the nation at the time. She also anchored the news for the NBC affiliate (KRIS) in Corpus Christi, Texas where she won the prestigious National Headliner Award from the Press Club in Atlantic City.

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Vicki Hitzges (Pronounced “hits’ guess”) is an expert in creating positive work environments, whether the work takes place at home or in a commercial building.

Vicki knows her stuff. She first ramped up her speaking skills as a Dallas TV news anchor. In her early 20’s, she was named Bureau Chief at KTVT in Dallas, the largest independent television station in the nation at the time. Next, she anchored for the NBC affiliate (KRIS) in Corpus Christi, TX where she won the National Headliner Award from the Press Club of Atlantic City. She then co-hosted the Dallas Cowboy’s weekly TV show, Special Edition, before becoming a publicist. That matters to you because she tells interesting stories and edits sizzling videos that inform and entertain.

As a publicist, one of her clients included the man then considered the world’s top motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar. Impressed with her creativity, Zig urged Vicki to speak and personally mentored her.
Vicki speaks across the world to associations, companies, and universities who want a proven, strong message about teamwork, customer service, and keeping a positive work environment.
Vicki holds a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) title. When she earned that honor in 2004, only seven percent of speakers held it worldwide—and just a few hundred women.
Vicki has authored two books, the first of which sold out 5,000 copies on the first day! Attitude is Everything – 10 Steps to Staying Positive sells internationally as does her second book, Stuck on Stop – How to Quit Procrastinating.

Vicki enjoys interesting sermons and stories, clean comedy, chocolate, lively conversation, and crushing opponents in board games. (Not necessarily in that order.)

Speech Topics

How people regard you determines your success.  For example, do others respect you? Enjoy working with you? Doing business with you?

Good relationships fuel business.

How do you start? Begin with internal customers. For example, help co-workers when they’re behind. Then later, when you’re in a pinch, those co-workers will help you. While some will be fickle–you can bet–the more help you give, the more you’ll get.

Want to enjoy the zesty feeling of accomplishment?

If so, then this talk is for you.  That’s because sometimes we need someone to whack up our kickstand to get us going. Get ready!  Because you’re about to get that whack and an encouraging push.

You know how when someone rings your doorbell — your dog goes absolutely nuts?  He wags his tail.  Barks.  Pants like a marathoner.  Almost explodes from expectation. Let me ask you something – How often is the caller for him?  Right!  NEVER!  But he keeps thinking, “THIS time!”

Dogs know how to stay positive.  Even when they hear “no” over and over, they stay eager. (Those of us in sales can learn from that)

We benefit when we learn how to stay positive and there are learned skills that can help.

We’re stressed!!! We have way too much to do.  Not enough time to do it.  And not nearly enough resources to get it all done.

So, would it help to know how to deal with stress?   Or, if you can forget all the tensions at home, how to deal with stress at work?

We could use a few laughs and some solid advice.  Let’s cover the dangers of stress, some causes of stress, and, most importantly, how to get rid of stress!

From the instant you hit the delivery room, your life has been a conga line of changes. Just think–you’ve experienced new friends. Lost friends. Joys. Moves. Griefs. Dead batteries. Losses. New jobs. Promotions. And so on.

Yet—with all that practice—we struggle with how to deal with change.

Here is a three-step formula to help you deal with change–-specifically the changes you need to make–but resist making.