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Vicki Hitzges

Top Motivation and Communication Expert; Acclaimed Author, Attitude is Everything

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Some speakers entertain. Some inspire. Vicki does both and more. She makes people laugh. Or cry. She makes them think. She galvanizes, energizes, electrifies. And when the meeting's over, Vicki's presentation keeps working. Her inspiration, perspectives and strategies are lasting tools that can reshape the way a workforce interacts and achieves.

Vicki started out as a reporter and interviewer, where she developed a talent for talking to anyone about anything and received the National Press Club's prestigious Headliner Award. Since making the transition into public speaking, Vicki has achieved numerous milestones. She was the first female speaker ever invited to address the California Business Leadership Summit. The following year, she was invited back as a special guest to meet the second female speaker, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. She's spoken to enthusiastic audiences across the United States as well as in Canada, Thailand, Panama and New Zealand.

Speech Topics

Theme: People reach out to people who reach out.

Purpose: To build strong working relationships (people do business with people they like.

Audiences learn:

  • To create lasting, strong relationships.

  • To listen.

  • Important social skills that MANY employees don’t know or don’t remember. When learned & practiced, these skills build strong connections and open the gates to new friends, partners and sales.

  • Why it pays and how to encourage co-workers, clients and vendors.

  • To look for the good in others.

Highly interactive presentation with several fun, small-group activities. Your people will take away vital skills they can use at work and at home to build relationships that last.

Theme: Master change so change doesn’t master you

Benefit: Your group will learn to thrive amid chaotic, rapid-fire change

  • Identify the challenge of change.

  • Discover the three stages of fear.

  • Find how to break the fear cycle.

  • Learn to conquer change and thrive.

Arguably the biggest challenge facing business today is the constant bombardment of change. Corporations not only need to survive change, they need to learn to thrive in its midst. This talk tells how.

Your group will learn to deal with the basic problem of change, the fear it creates. (Change brings risk, and risk brings fear.) This presentation explains the fear cycle AND tells how to break it. Groups report immediate benefits from this entertaining, informative, highly popular talk.

Theme: Effective speakers speak the way their audience thinks.

Benefit: Your people will learn to write and deliver talks that other people will want to hear.

  • The most common mistake amateur speakers make.

  • How to deliver introductions that make audiences eager to listen

  • Keep an audience leaning forward, anxious to hear

  • The secret of getting audiences to act

A two-hour, interactive presentation on how to write a talk that sizzles. Most workshops on this topic explain how to deliver a talk (eye contact, posture, where to put your hands, etc.). This presentation covers what to say.

This workshop gets the audience involved. Participants work individually and in small groups as they learn to create talks that audiences WANT to hear!

Theme: How to improve your group’s internal and external relationships by putting others first

Benefit: To help your group build loyal customers, co-workers and friends

Learn how to build strong relationships

Hear examples from funny, touching and true workplace case studies

Discover the pay-off of making other people feel important

Featured in Entrepreneur magazine

If people aren’t pulling together, they’re falling apart. This popular, easy-to-listen-to presentation demonstrates how we can and why it helps to put customers, colleagues and friends first.

Theme: How to bounce back when you feel knocked flat

Benefit: To pep up groups that are burned out, tensed up and stressed out

Your group will learn:

  • Three causes of stress

  • Five major ways to zap stress

  • Seven wacky ways to relieve stress that really work

This fun, interactive presentation is always a hit. Volunteers demonstrate stress-releasing activities on stage. The audience laughs – and learns – by hearing and DOING what it takes to relieve the number one health problem facing Americans today: stress. Great workshop talk, inspiring kick-off or luncheon keynote.

Theme: To get employees to work for you, you’ve got to work for them

Benefit: To create a more successful company by teaching your managers new ways to motivate employees

  • Learn the three-step formula to motivate employees

  • Learn how to inspire workers to WANT to give their best

  • Learn to transform mere workers into enthusiastic producers

Ideal presentation for managers. One of the most popular, entertaining and practical talks on this subject. Managers will hear innovative, successful ideas that companies across the nation are currently using to motivate their people. Humorous, fun, filled with excellent, useful information!

Theme: Build Strong Relationships, Boost Self Esteem, Risk Enough to Get Ahead, Look on the Bright Side

Benefit: Motivational keynote reveals the four must-know secrets of successful people.