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Walter Bond

Former NBA Player and Accountability Expert

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$15,000 - $25,000

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Walter Bond, also known as Mr. Accountability, is recognized as one of the world's most preeminent thought leaders on training and development with a presentation style that is in a class all by itself.

A former National Basketball Association athlete who never gave up on his dreams and went on to have an eight-year professional basketball career, Walter Bond now travels the world teaching organizations how to create a culture of accountability and how this culture can positively influence leadership, sales and productivity. Toward the end of his basketball career, Walter developed the ability to apply on-the-court success and teamwork to the business world when he and his wife became owners of a national franchise. Walter changed his profession but never changed his winning attitude. Bond draws on the life lessons he learned from an astonishing journey to the NBA as well as his ascension to the top of the business world, accomplishments that provide the credibility and foundation for the principles he teaches. His dynamic and compelling programs provide both the motivation and the strategies to excel in business and in life. He encourages his listeners to claim responsibility for whatever situation they are in and teaches them that success is possible for everyone.

Speech Topics

Do your employees enthusiastically pursue the pinnacle of excellence? More likely they’re just looking to reach the next level just chasing their next promotion. Let Walter prove that the key to getting ahead lies in their current situation.

Think about it for a moment, have you ever met a person that enjoys being bossed around? The most common form of leadership is micro-management, which is destructive, expensive and an organizational buzz kill. Most leaders micro-manage because they have never been sufficiently trained on how to lead.

Has the accountability in your organization kept growing as fast as it did right after Walter’s first keynote? When you want Mr. Accountability to rekindle the fires of enthusiasm for personal responsibility, book Walter for this encore performance.

Does your organization have accountability? When something goes wrong, does everyone start pointing fingers and making excuses? How much more productive would your organization be if everyone took responsibility for their mistakes and shortcomings and continuous improvement was a team effort?

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