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Will Miller, Ph.D

Cultural and Media Commentator; Respected Authority on Stress Reduction & Life Balance; Comedian

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Our modern American culture is fast-paced and ever-changing, causing ongoing stress in many areas of our lives. It is a well-established fact that change, any change, causes stress. In the workplace, this byproduct of our quest for success is played out in many ways: absenteeism, high turnover, decreased productivity and overall job dissatisfaction, to name a few. Ultimately, these factors negatively impact the bottom line.

Dr. Will Miller delivers a unique message of how our connections to others provide a potent source of strength in achieving life balance. His book, Refrigerator Rights, is based on 14 years of social science research in the area of culture and interpersonal relationships. His aim is to show the connection between our loss of intimacy with people in our lives and the stress and disconnection that we feel in everyday life. Dr. Miller will energetically and humorously guide your organization from change through stress to a solution.

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Research continues to show that Americans lead the developed world in stress related disorders. This means that we continue to see the rise if significant health related problems that rob people of their well being and their productivity. We use the term stress liberally. But stress is the not the primary issue in your life – stress is your reaction to what is actually happening in your life. Frustrations with job, relationships, insecurity and health problems are the source. So what is needed is an effective mechanism for coping with these matters. Will brings the latest research from physical and social sciences to bear on the issue. It is a practical and hopeful presentation that will equip the audience with practical strategies for enhancing their well being.

While most of us acknowledge that experiencing change is stressful, there is not a lot of clarity about what this means precisely. What kind of changes are we talking about? And in light of changes whose features and pace we cannot affect or control what do we do in response? How do we cope?

The best of current social science research indicates that all change, both good and bad, positive and negative, cause us to react and adapt. And inherent in these adaptation processes is stress – both physical and psychological. What do we do? What can we do?

Dr. Will Miller’s presentation clarifies what is currently known about coping with change and offers solutions rooted in the best advice available. Beyond mere popular psychology or facile bromides about thriving, Will’s content is persuasive, constructive and achievable in the real world. Based on his many years of research and writing with his colleagues at Purdue University, the speech will be as informative as it is entertaining.

This is a lively performance-presentation packed with perspective and practical advice on achieving equilibrium. The key to an improved quality of daily life, he tells audiences, are rooted in our social support network. We need real and claimed family those relationships where people feel comfortable opening each others’ refrigerators. Inspiring, instructive and based on the best social science research, Dr. Will mixes message & comedy in a welcome break from technical sessions. He hits hard with insights on stresses that affect achievers, then steps away from the podium with clean, sensitive, hilarious routines to underscore his points.

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