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Karen McCullough

Branding Expert, Generations in the Workplace Guru, Social Media Enthusiast, Humorous & Energetic Business Speaker

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Before becoming a business keynote speaker and consultant, Karen spent many years in fashion retail. As the owner and CEO of a 4-store retail chain in Houston, Karen received 20+ years of experiencein marketing, brand building (personal and business), driving sales, leadership development, building customer loyalty and managing a diverse team. She understands the 3 P's of any business's success; Product-Process-People. Over the past 10 years Karen has worked with the top organizations presenting customized programs centered around change, personal branding, customer service, emerging leadership development, sales, teambuilding, productivity and generational management.

Karenknows people, sheknows thetrends and she knows how things are working today. Through her study of human behavior, relationships, trends, and technology Karen has tapped into an innovative model that opens people's minds to change. Karen teaches you the essential skills needed to manage and motivate your employees and yourself.Her approach is practical, her message is relevant and she provides you the tools necessary to improve and succeed.

Speech Topics

There is a  shift taking place in the marketplace that is stimulating new ways of thinking, communicating, and doing business. Some call it a disruption while others see it as a tremendous opportunity to succeed. Understanding the newest generation(Millennials)  and how they see the world is critical in your success. You may need a little help navigating these new waters – Karen McCullough will do just that!  In this, entertaining, and interactive session, you will gain insight and knowledge on how to engage, work with, and sell to the various generations. You will “stop assuming” as you discover that each generations has different motivators.  Karen will introduce you to the 4 generations who are making buying decisions today and give you tools to help you sell to and provide services for them all.

(can include Burnout, Compassion Fatigue, Stress, Morale)

Karen is on a mission to re-energize the workforce!

Do you ever feel there are just not enough hours in the day? No matter how hard you work you never seem to get it all done? If so, you are not alone. A recent study reports that nearly 75% of American workers state that no matter how hard they work, they feel as if they are not moving forward.

We all need a Shot of Energy… and Karen McCullough is here to help! She has been dubbed a shot of energy and she walks her talk! Karen shares her personal energy rituals and top ways to increase productivity. Learn how to re-charge your battery and energize others. Audiences will leave smiling, with an optimistic mindset- energized and productive.


  • Learn to deal with difficult people, situations, and bad days

  • Understand the difference between Lack of Energy vs. Stressed Out

  • Resolve conflict

  • Manage expectations

  • Adopt rituals you can put into action today to reduce stress

Move over Brothers Grimm, storytelling is not just for kids anymore. Your story is a powerful tool that can help you advance your career, step into your leadership potential, and build a meaningful professional brand. Karen’s program gives you the tools and creative ideas to make your story sticky. Sticky stories are remembered and retold time and again. Get ready to make your story sticky and hold the listener’s attention.

We each have a story inside us waiting to be told. Powerful stories do more than entertain- they establish rapport, develop teams, make the sale, attract talent, relieve stress, build trust, manage expectations and so on? Ultimately, we are remembered by our stories, but no one will tell your story if you don’t first tell it yourself.


  • Tap into your core values and uniqueness

  • Communicate your message

  • Get it down- right and tight

  • Be interesting and engaging

  • Stand out from the crowd

  • Do more business, increase sales, get noticed, earn a promotion

When your employees know how to live your brand you get WOW customer service. Your brand is the core of your company, the heart of your business, the soul of your culture, and the foundation for WOW customer service.

If your employees are not clear on your brand message, they have no idea how to live it.

Karen will show you what it means to live your brand as you explore why your brand is worth living. In this keynote or half-day customer service workshop, Karen helps articulate your brand message to your team, shows behaviors and language that maximize the customer experience, and raises morale and employee engagement.

A business with a healthy brand experience is one where every employee understands the brand, its message, and their role in promoting that brand. The secret to getting employees to live your brand is to equip them with the proper tools to make decisions and act in accordance with your brand values.

Empower your team and create brand champions. Rediscover what makes your business one in a million.


  • Obtain a basic understanding and enthusiasm about brands

  • Discover ways to communicate your brand to your employees

  • Define the brand language and behaviors

  • Use the power of your brand to keep employees motivated

  • Implement programs and activities that reinforce your brand

Today, the age bubble and the youth bubble are shaping our world of work. Baby Boomers are turning 65 and many are not ready to retire. Boomers are active, involved, and engaged and many are planning to work as entrepreneurs and consultants well into their 70’s. They also have power, knowledge, experience, and money. Success-driven Boomers control more than half of the world’s wealth, and businesses must have a strategy for connecting with them- as employees as well as customers.

At the other end of the spectrum is Generation Y- the under 30 year-olds now entering the workforce in droves. By 2025 over 75% of the workforce will be Gen Y and younger. Members of Gen Y have an incredible amount of talent- and high expectations about their careers, environment, growth opportunities, and relationships.

In the middle we find the Generation X 30 to 40 year-olds, who are now in leadership roles and must manage the mix. Gen Xers are the bridge between Baby Boomers and Gen Yers, and must develop their own unique leadership style- part success-driven (like Boomers) and part empathetic (like Gen Y).


  • Gain generational awareness, appreciation, and actions

  • Explore the five styles of Gen X managers

  • Discover the eight steps to Managing Gen Y

  • Empower Boomers with knowledge transfer – passing the torch

Are you up to the task of managing this diverse workforce?

Managing the Mix is for Boomers, Xers, and Yers who have to manage and lead diverse teams and are feeling a little frustrated. We are finding that the new generation of employees needs more interaction, more feedback, and seems to need more help solving problems.

In this session, Karen gives managers from all the generations the tools they need to achieve success, help their teams take ownership of their jobs, develop critical thinking, and be proactive.

There is a workplace shift taking place that is stimulating new ways of thinking, communicating, and doing business. Today many corporations, business owners, and managers are dealing with generational challenges and they need help navigating these new waters. In this innovative, entertaining, and interactive session you will gain insight and knowledge on how to get along as you build effective, harmonious, productive multi-generational teams.

The days of one size fits all and treat everyone the same are gone as we are learning to accept the needs and desires of the individual. As more and more Gen Y enters the workplace, they are influencing and even changing corporate cultures- including the way we do business and conduct meetings across the world. Managers need tools to help them create an environment of generational harmony, productivity, creativity, innovation, as well as enabling knowledge transfer.


  • Discover how each generation defines workplace issues such as loyalty, teamwork, sacrifice, and time management

  • Gain the tools necessary to manage a new generation of employees

  • Embrace the opportunities each generation brings to the table

  • Laugh and let go

One of the biggest challenges facing individuals and organizations today is dealing with the fast pace of change. In this program Karen teaches you how to develop a change mindset to access new hope, new skills, and a new way of thinking.

New technologies, a new global economy, and new environments are forcing organizations to change the way they do business and many people are not happy. Although we are encouraged to embrace change, many of us resist and this resistance slows down progress and ultimately prevents growth. Implementing change today requires leaders to be great influencers, obtain buy-in, show compassion, and build trust as they overcome objections. Leaders must have a change mindset and be able to help others develop a change mindset, too.

In this program, Karen will debunk several myths about how to motivate change and share the missing link to changing behavior. You will receive the framework to successfully change yourself, your team, and your organization. Whether your natural instinct is to embrace change or to run from it, this program is for you!

It is time to make changes that are positive, attainable, and absolutely vital.


  • Explore the five drivers of change

  • Develop a 2020 change mindset

  • Discover insight into your own resistance with tools to help you adapt more quickly to change

  • Make change work by putting communication into action and by building better relationships

  • Gain a better understanding of how each generation views work and adapt your managerial style

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